Avondale Park 70th Anniversary

Posted on May 11, 2015 at 5:10 AM

Lots going on over the weekend. 7th May saw Mako heading out to the Avondale Park to dive the wreck and fly a canadian and royal ensign flag on the wreck to commemorate the sinking of the last merchant ship in the last hour of WWII by U2336.

A brass plaque has been erected in Antruther looking out to the Isle of May in remembrance with the unveiling ceremony attended by dignatories of the Norwegian and Canadian consolate as well as relatives of persons who were onboard the two ships on that fateful night on 7th May 1945

A lecture on the sinking of the Avondale park and Snelland I was carried out in the Dreel Halls which was well attended and exceedingly informative, a fantastic story of the events leading up to the commander of U2336 futiliy firing his 2 torpedoes when the war was effectively over.

A great few days adn soen good dives - check our facebook page for photos and video of the wrecks taken by the dive team.

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